Free Shader Pack

To help out any AGK developers that plan on learning GLSL in the new year I've decided to release a royalty free shader pack. The pack contains two vertex shaders and five pixel shaders, which will help with rendering high quality 3D scenes. Details of the shaders are listed below. There is also a ReadMe contained in the download which explains each shader and the required inputs in greater detail. If you find these shaders to be helpful and would like to return the favor then please support my current project by liking the Facebook Page.

Frag_Directional: Ambient/Directional Light.
Frag_DirectionalDetail: Ambient/Directional Light + Detail/Light Map.
Frag_PointLightToon: Ambient/Directional/Single Toon Point Light.
Frag_MultiPointLight: Ambient/Directional/Multiple Diffuse Point Lights.
Frag_MultiPointLightSpec: Ambient/Directional/Multiple Specular Point Lights.

Note: All shaders require a diffuse texture. A 1x1 pixel white texture can be used for testing.

Note: This application is for Windows only, and has been compressed with WinRAR.

Download Shader Pack