Design Document

I've decided to create a simple design document for this project: The purpose of this is to outline some of the core elements I'll be working on, to keep track of everything, and to help people gain an understanding of what I'm trying to achieve with this game.

Project Concept

  • Game Genre: Skyway is a 3D platformer created for all ages in mind, with arcade style qualities. The game focuses on fun, pick up and play gameplay, rather than on story narrative. It is a simple concept which pays tribute to retro gaming.
  • Gameplay Style: Race against the clock to reach the end of the track while avoiding obstacles in your path and picking up items, or go head to head with a friend in an online session. With multiple game modes Skyway is a game with great replay value.

Game Engine

  • Graphics Engine: Custom shaders supporting dynamic ambient, directional, and point lighting, with specular highlights and normal mapping on Windows/OSX. This game is built with mobiles as well as desktops in mind, allowing for a wide range of visual fidelity.
  • Music System: Full original soundtrack composed with Ableton Live and Massive, as well as an in-game radio system where channels are streamed from Soma FM [unconfirmed], meaning no constant repetition of the same music.
  • Networking: Host/Client multiplayer networking for competing online in various game modes. Win against others to increase your global score and get a place on the leaderboards. Win prizes in official monthly competitions.
  • Game Mechanics: With the integration of the Bullet physics engine the game will be balanced between realistic movement and arcade style controls. A built in level-editor will hand over the creative control to the users that want to take things one step further and create their own tracks.


  • Alpha Release: Desura's Alpha Funding will help support me financially during this game's development, as well as help to get rid of any bugs, and improve features. Early buyers will directly see their purchase affecting the quality of the game through feedback.
  • General Release: For the initial release I plan to target Windows and OSX. The game will be released on Desura, and on Steam, if greenlit. The second stage of the release is for mobile platforms, which means the Google Play, and iOS Store.