Beta Release [III]

I've finally gotten the networking code finished! This wraps up most of the features of the engine and just leaves me with asset creation. Over the next few months I'll be working on getting new content in the game; replacing the tiles to spice up the graphics, working on new music, and creating many more levels. Here's the latest Beta demo for you to try out for now! No install required! First to 10,000 points wins Arcade mode, while the first to the last track wins in Classic mode. If you are hosting a WAN game you will need to forward port 1125 to allow Skyway to connect to clients.

Note: The Windows version of this application requires DirectX 9.0c. If you do not have this installed the application may fail to launch. For this reason the installer is included (dxwebsetup).

Note: The Windows version of this application has been compressed with WinRAR.

Note: The Ubuntu version of this application requires the libopenal1 library to be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Download Beta Release [III]

Download Beta Release [III] OSX

Download Beta Release [III] UBUNTU