AGK Game Launcher

To develop Skyway I'm using App Game Kit [Tier 1]: An OpenGL wrapper and BASIC compiler. Due to the fact that AGK is currently in a fairly primitive stage there is no support for resizing the OpenGL window at run-time. This is why I've created a Game Launcher for Windows in Visual Basic to allow for the end-user to choose resolution settings before launching the game.

Game Launcher

This post is for any developers out their that may also need something like this in their projects. I've included the Game Launcher with instructions as well as the Visual Basic Project below.

Please refer to the instructions provided in the text file for help on how to set this up with your own AGK Tier 1 project.

Note: This application is for Windows only, and requires the .Net Framework to run.

Note: The attached file has been compressed with WinRAR.


Download Game Launcher