Advanced Lighting

The PC and Mac version of Skyway will support more advanced lighting than the basic ambient/diffuse model used for the mobile game. As well as having an ambient light, and a directional light, it will feature point lights with specular highlights. The engine supports up to three point lights, each of which have an inverse square fall-off for added realism. As well as using diffuse shading, point lights introduce a new component to the lighting system:

  • Specular Lighting: This is the glint that your eye catches off shinny surfaces. The shinier a surface, the more defined but smaller the specular reflections are. Unlike Ambient and Diffuse lighting this component is dependent on the observer, meaning that the camera angle and position must be taken into consideration to realistically calculate where the specular reflections are located.

The video below shows a scene with three point lights, each with a red, green, and blue slider to control the color. The white slider at the bottom of the screen controls the global reflectance of the world, increasing the specular intensity when turned up. Unfortunately the shininess can only be controlled globally, rather than on an object by object basis, due to the way AGK handles rendering in Tier 1.